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Holy shit I am so sick of coughing, and now I'm getting a sore throat. I just want it to end. The fact that my entire torso is sore from the gym is not helping.

Also, this town needs to stop sucking so incredibly hard. I'm even running out of restaurants to very occasionally go to. I'm not asking for much, just some options. I eat out like...once a month. Actually, possibly even less then that. Throw me a frikken bone. Friendly's was my go-to and I can never eat there again. Two hairs and one disgusting jointy chicken ball and the line has been crossed. Plus, plastic in the icecream?? YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH ICECREAM!

I also find I am way more sensitive to gross food then I was before. I had one chicken wing incident and now they've been permanently bumped down from my favorite food to something I will casually enjoy maybe. Thanks a lot, Sneaky Dees. I trusted you. You betrayed me and ruined chicken wings for me forever. But now I basically have pizza, fast food, a breakfast joint and this one place i keep seeing but no one has ever been to as an eating option. Fuck you, L-town. Fuck you.

I was on such a hardcore homework roll and now I can barely memorize two phylum of plankton before I need to surf some serious youtube. I can't believe how badass I feel like I sound when I say that. Phylum. Oh yah. OH YAH.

Im gonna help myself study by writing some of this gloriousness out.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Crustacea
Subclass: AAHH I FORGOT *checks slide* Ostracoda. Stupid Ostracoda. You're just mad because you look like a jelly bean that someone sat on and a little bit of the insides are coming out. Yah.

Alright I think I'm done here. Nerd out.


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