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omfg i hate my omfg internet omfg.

not that it matters whether the fucking thing can stay up for more then a minute, since im STARTING SCHOOL ON MONDAY! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

God i am so excited. I have dreamed about this program forever. Seriously, forever. I think i've wanted to be in the animation industry since I was, like...8. Woohoo for life long goals!

I am also happy because this means...I WORK TWO DAYS A WEEK! HA! HAAAAA! No more crappy customers and crappy boss and pissy managers! Well...i still have them, just twice a week for short shifts :D I did full time long enough (like, 8 months XD) i am so ready to be a student again.

Its pretty sad that one of the biggest reasons im excited for this program is because it means i dont have to work as often. That is how much i hate working. And ive only been working for 3 1/2 years XD. My laziness is a scary thing. It also tends to ruin my art. Hopefully this program will whoop me into shape. If it doesnt, well, i'd have to drop out XD which would suck. OH and GRRR to administration! Who's dick do i have to fucking suck to reach those bitches!? I have been calling the secritary of animation for the past 3 days, and not once have i ever managed to get her bitch ass on the phone. Its not that its always busy, its that she NEVER EFFING ANSWERS! WHO'S DICK IS *SHE* SUCKING??

Oh, and to get back to my fucking job, i CANT STAND IT when my boss bitches about sales going down and the store not doing as good as it used to, talking all like he's losing money and is in debt...THEN GOES ON A TWO WEEK LONG CRUISE! If he is seriously in as big a fucking hole as he implies, then why would he blow God knows how much cash on a vacation? I mean, if he needs to rest, why doesnt he spend his fucking time at home? Maybe play with his fucking kids, screw his wife. Makes me so pissed, he's such a cheap bitch.

Aww and now my net went down so i cant post this XD now i get to rant more! WOOO. Oh its up, posteeey!

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mar, so true

Yeah, no seirusly so so so true!
By the end of summer when I was working every day I was so happy to have school back because it meant a limited time amount that I would have to work. Hey, at least you're in the program. I can't believe you're still having problems with stupid Seneca! Really those people need to get it together.
At least you're doing what you like now which is good.
Trust me if I have to hear one more time about sales going down or like having to bring up the average sale or something of that kind of garbage I will seirously murder someone. Like honestly there is only so much of that you can hear.
Seriously just want to hide and why can't people just give me money to learn? Or have like free education, so that I could work for a couple of months and be set for the year. I would love that.
Oh well.

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