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I need to STOP with etsy. I just see so much stuff I want to own. Actually, I guess I'm proud I've been able to resist so much. Considering how much stuff I favorite and pine over for weeks, I dont actually buy much of it. I think cost usually helps with that...stuff usually ain't cheap. Its unique and pretty, but not cheap. Sales are what get me. When shits on sale I have to really work to control myself. The fact that I'm a poor student helps too.

I really dont wanna finish the restoration assignment. I'm already kinda done with it. The interesting bit is done....I guess I learned stuff. LOL. I think this assignment is kinda designed to lead us into our REAL, actual research assignment next semester...

ALSO FUCK SCIENTIFIC NAMES! OH MY GOD! I am never going to memorize these Lichen names. I am going to bomb this test. Why cant he have a word bank?? At least a word bank for the scientific names. Common names, no. Scientific names, yes. Its going to take me two weeks just to get the scientific names. Holy titty shit. Hooooly....poopsicle.


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