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Wooooo im back
Wow, long time no update. I've been so freakin busy, it's just unreal. School has totally taken up my life. I don't even have time for my friends fucking BIRTHDAYS anymore. I haven't seen my mom in like...2 or 3 months. I have a chance to go this weekend, but my friends are begging me to go to the beach with them, AND i have to start my new animation assignment that is going to take forever to do. So, it looks like school will win again.

The sweet thing about going to school in the summer is that i had an excuse not to work full time at work. Camp season blows, it completely drains your soul. I was so happy that I wasn't a slave to camp connection that when i did go to work, i almost didn't mind -except that it wasted valuble homework time.

My coworkers don't feel the same way, unfortunatly. Actually, a lot of them are really bitter and resentful. Which makes no sense, because it's not like i chose not to work fulltime. I'm in fucking school, i don't have a choice. Whatever, they can kiss my ass. I did the full time thing for like...6 months. I'm done with it. And, next summer im going to try to get an art related job, since i'll be going into my third year of animation and i'll hopefully be at a decent enough level to work in a studeo. So, haha camp connection! I'm sorry i can't commit my freakin life to you. BBBPPPPTTTT.

I'm in digital tools class right now. I SHOULD be working on my flash assignment, but i forgot my freakin tablet at home, so fuck that. I already almost went insane trying to draw different mouth positions with a mouse.

Man...i am so rusty with writing. I feel like im trying to speak another language. Its crazy, because i remember when i used to write in this thing like once or twice a day, and everything just came out so easily. Not to mention the fact that i was rping. But now all i do is draw. Which i dont mind, but its kind of sad that my skill in every other department has diminished like mad.

Oh well. Enough blabbing, i've got work to do.


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