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Wooo school!
I love this class, its the only time during the day that i can go on the computer. Otherwise its pretty much restricted to 9 p.m. and over, depending on what time i have to wake up the next day.


its gotten to the point where i dont want to go home anymore. I dont ever see a point, there is NOTHING to do there. i do all my homework here, all the people i talk to are here (my highschool friends are all busy with school during the week too, so i cant see them). I go home to pack my lunch and sleep, a fact my family resents. Oh well, saturday has become family day for me :D

God im hungry...i cant eat breakfast anymore. I'm too naucious in the morning. I just have my coffee, then i get the fuck outta there.

And i have to stay the hell away from Ebay. it is taking all of my money. Such insane deals...except shipping. Shipping ruins everything. Actually, shipping saves me from spending too much money, because it turns the good deals into not-such-a-deal-anymore, and the holy-shit-i-cant-believe-that-price into good deals. And im one of those people who will usually only buy things if they're insane deals.

And why are some people so annoyingly loud? Not funny, kooky loud. Just...loud.

Aaand someone forgot to turn off their cellphone!


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