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Wow, im like, bored :D

I went through this one period in my life where i was never home, and now I find I'm home a little too much. I had no idea home got this boring...

I know I should draw but I'm just not in the mood. I think I'm hyper...I can't sit still. I'll start drawing but then i'll wanna get up and like...randomly walk around the house, then sit back down and draw again. I wouldn't be surprised if I had some mild case of ADD considering both my brothers have it.

Except 'mild' is no way to describe theirs...

Speaking of my brothers, i dont know what the hell im going to do with those stupid fucking morons. One of them has become this...disobedient, lazy, cocky teenager who refuses to listen to my dad and wont lift a finger around the house. Or lift a finger at all unless its to click his mouse or fix his stupid car.

The other one wont stop lying to everyone about everything and absolutely will not put any more effort into school than he absolutely has to to pass. If anyone tells me this is 'typical teenage behavior' i will stab them in the eye with a pencil.

I dont care if its typical i cant fucking stand it. *I* wasn't this bad when i was a teenager, so HA. WTF now?? Is it that boys are just stupid? I have next to no experiance with teenage boys so i have no idea. Damn all girls highschool...maybe if i went coed i'd be able to understand my brothers more.

Anyway, if they dont smarten up its gonna be smack down time. I will open up plentiful cans of whoop as and bust many caps in asses or whatever the lingo is.

And shit, im not feeling very witty today. Maybe its because i just finished blowdrying my hair and i think i fried my brain. Thank god i dont do that often...seriously, my head hurts...

it could also be christmas. Christmas saps my soul. Thankfully i was smart and im starting early this year. A month till christmas and im already half way through my list. Maybe. It depends who expects me to buy them a present. If i have to get one for my aunt and uncle im going to cry. What could I possibly get a middle aged couple with two kids? Who have EVERYTHING? If my dad doesnt get them anything, im not going to. Maybe i'll be gay and i'll paint them a picture.

Speaking of presents, i have to get my two friends the dirtiest presents i can manage. Thats the bet, anyway. Whoever gets the dirtiest present wins. And the prize...POT OF GOLD!W00t for chocolate! ones discussed who's buying the prize yet, but im sure it'll all work out.

i was thinking something along the lines of a blow up doll, complete with cock. Thats all girls need, right? the cock? Oh, and, the blow up doll has his tongue sticking out. hehehehehe.


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