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So, I'm single :D

And the breakup was surprisingly easy. I don't know if he honestly felt that it wasn't working out and that we should end it, or if he knew thats how i felt so he just gave in and pretended its what he wanted to.

Cause the more i think about it, the more bitter he sounded...

Oh, well. Gotta look out for my interests as well.

I don't know what to think about my newly aquired singleness. At first it was like a breath of fresh air. It still kind of is, actually, just because I'm so busy. But sometimes it sucks, cause I do want a relationship, just with someone I like a bit more. Its not too much to ask, is it???

Thankfully I'm fiercely independant, so I can handle singlehood just fine. Unlike some people I know, who shall remain nameless.

Other than that, lifes been pretty simple. I went to Ottawa to visit some friends, and had a pretty okay time. I have a champeigne bithday coming up, which should be really interesting considering how drunk everyone is going to be.

OH. Speaking of birthdays and drunks which reminds me of clubbing, WTF is up with chicks who walk around in -2 degree weather HALF NEKKED AND WITHOUT A JACKET?? Are they not insanely cold?? How do they not drop dead from hypothermia?? Do they get so cold that they don't feel it anymore?? Because I am out there, with them, same day and same temperature, with THREE LAYERS OF CLOTHING and im STILL freezing! Is there such thing as having bad circulation and therefore being cold all the time? Does that mean they have Ultra Mutant Circulation so they can withstand the cold at any temperature just to look good and not spend 2 bucks on coat check??

I NEED to know these things! And dont tell me its because they're drunk, cause a lot of them aren't. Its pretty obvious when chicks are drunk. Especially the kind of chick who walks around in -2 degree weather half nekkid and jacketless. And when I say half nekkid i mean they have hardly anything covering their chests, and little mini skirts that look more like belts. The kind of chick that screams "MOLEST MEEEE!"

Not that thats any reason to actually molest them. Oh wow, i found something else that pisses me off. When a girl gets raped and she was supposedly "asking for it". Excuse me, but unless she's running around literally screaming "RAPE ME!" then she is NOT asking for it. Thats like stabbing someone to death because they're ugly or something and saying they were 'asking for it'. Guys don't suddenly turn into rapists when they see short skirts. If they rape someone its because they are sad, pathetic, disgusting shitheads who would have raped chicks anyway, the ones with the shorter skirts are just easier targets.


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